Specialty Painting Services in Eugene, OR

Cabinetry Painting & Coating


When it comes to rejuvinating or changing the finish on your cabinets we can do it! Cabinetry is one of the hardest jobs to do well and the easiest to do poorly. You can count on Custom Brush Co. to provide premium quality preparation and finishes.

Interior Wood Work


With a variety of wood work you may have throughout your home, you may wish to maintain or change the color and coating of your wood work. Custom Brush Co. specializes in wood finishes and can help cusom tailor the work.

Exterior Wood Work


From Decks to Doors and more, they will eventually need to be maintained or redone completely. Custom Brush Co. specializes in providing quality outdoor wood finishes for decks, arbors, fences and doors, etc... 

Concrete Coatings


Concrete in oregon gets a lot of weather to contend with. Or you may have a garage you desire to make fancy and coat the floors. Custom Brush Co. offers custom talored concrete coatings for your interior and exterior home. Call to find out more and how we can help with your concrete coating project.

Dry Rott Repais


Dry Rot is most always an unforeseen and must be delt with. Therefore, at Custom Brush Co. we have the systems and the products to make these repairs solid and permanent. During your project if we discover dry rot we notify you and then take care of it appropriately for long term repair.

Construction Repairs


Occassionally there are small construction repairs we discover along the way of production your job. You may desire some siding to be repaired or a window frame be installed, etc... Hiring a general contractor for these small projects can be difficult to shedule being so small and that is where we are able to help you do these small projects.