Safety Practices of Custom Brush Co.

It's the policy and practice of Custom Brush Company to provide all the necessary and reasonable protection for your home and our employees during all phases of your project. Every Custom Brush Company employee participates in ongoing safety and housekeeping practices. Our Crews maintain high quality air circulation standards, protect all areas not to be painted from dust and paint, and use protective devices and equipment when necessary to safeguard against personal injury on the job.


Employee Safety Standards, Policies, and Procedures

  1.  All employees will follow these safe rules of practice the best in every way you can, and report all unsafe conditions and practices immediately to your Crew Leader or Field Manager.
  2. Before and during each painting project, all employees will be given necessary accident prevention instruction based on the job.
  3. If you are known to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you will not be allowed to work.
  4. If you are known to be so tired, ill or upset that your ability or alertness is impaired, you will not be allowed to work.
  5. Silliness, horseplay, scuffling, and other acts of behavior that tend to endanger the safety and well being of others is prohibited.
  6. Make sure all guards, protective devices, and safety equipment are on, in place, and properly adjusted. Report any deficiencies promptly to your Crew Leader.
  7. Plan ahead and be sure adequate help or supervision is available when working with equipment, handling heavy loads and ladders.
  8. Never attempt to handle or repair any electrical equipment, machinery or air/water lines unless this is your job or unless you have received instruction from your Crew Leader in the safe practices as instructed.
  9. Always practice good housekeeping skills at all times. Never leave a Job Site looking reckless, scattered out, or unorganized. Keep all personal trash, drink containers, and job related trash and recycling in their proper disposing areas. Daily, upon job clean up, put one drop over all supplies, and small equipment and stack all ladders in 1 or more organized stacks of less than 5 ladders high.
  10. All employees will be required to attend all regularly held safety meetings.
  11. Report all injuries and near misses promptly to your Crew Leader so that necessary arrangements can be made for medical and/or first aid treatment.