Complimentary Painting Estimates in Eugene

An Easy and Fun Process for the Best Results

At Custom Bush Company, we put a lot of attention into our systems and processes. From the moment you call, to the final walk around inspection, we are dedicated to being highly responsive and available to meet your needs.

At First Contact

When you first contact us, a Sales Consultant will evaluate and gather necessary information that will help us meet your painting needs the best we can. Once we understand your needs, and all your initial questions and concerns have been answered, your Sales Consultant will schedule an appointment for your estimate.

How long will the Estimate Take?

The average estimate takes 2 hours of the sales consultants time depending on the size of the project. Total, all the time we need with you is approximately a total of 15 to 30min. Which your time is needed for an initial walk around inspection of your project.

At the Estimate

We simply discover how we can best revive the health of your home by doing a complete and thorough examination, and then provide you with an estimate of what the price is going to be for all paint, labor, and materials. Your estimate is delivered as a promise. This means the price will not change unless there are changes or additions made in writing. Furthermore, in some cases, such as a small job or a specialty project is charged by the hour or done as a job cost range that falls between a low to high range.

The Estimate process is as follows:

  • To start, you and your Sales Consultant will take an initial walk around your home. Together you will go over any questions or concerns, make sure there are no areas of unexpected failures, and discuss how, why, and what needs to be done to do a quality job. To conclude, we will discuss the color theme (where the color is going as far as trim, body and accent colors).
  • Then, your Sales Consultant takes another walk around, gathering measurements of the work to be done,  double-inspecting the sufaces closely for preparation needs for any areas possibly missed on the first walk around, etc...
  • Once all the measurements have been taken and calculated, your Sales Consultant writes a detailed proposal and then emails (or hand delivers) it to you. We ask that you carefully go over all the details making sure everything is correct.
  • Once you have received the proposal you then have the opportunity to get into our booking schedule.

When You Get Into the Booking Schedule

Scheduling and producing jobs is probably the most challenging aspect of any contracting business and probably one of the greatest reasons why contracting businesses fail so often.

Therefore, to ensure we deliver your on time results, we have developed the following system.

  • With an initial deposit in the amount totaling *20% of the total job cost and a signed contract, we block out a 3-week time period as to when we will start your job. Once we start though, we don't stop until we are completely finished. (* Your deposit ensures your slot in our booking schedule).
  • Appoximately  a week before the  predicted 3 week start date, your Sales Consultant will call and give you an updated time frame with a more exact date as to when we will start your job. This date still is subject to change a little, but generally is not off by more than 1-3 days.
  • Finally, when we are nearing the end of  the job just before yours, we give you another call with an updated shedule.</li></br>

During Production

Once we start your job, your Crew Leader will work with you and your Sales Consultant to ensure that best communication and job quality is obtained.

  • Your Crew Leader producing your  job and is also the final set of eyes in making sure your job is ready for the Final Walk Around Inspection.

At the Final Walk Around Inspection

  • This is where you and your Crew Leader take one last walk around your home triple checking for any missed touch ups and such.
  • Once you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your job, and you have signed the Sign Off release signature part on the contract, your Sales Consultant then collects the final remaining balance of the job (60% approximately, unless additions or changes have been made and indicated on the Job Proposal).

The Final Results

A job delivered with ease and minimal effort. Our process ensures for best communication and job quality for every client we serve.

Contact us today! 541-607-5000 to receive a complimentary estimate.