Color Consultations in Eugene


When it comes to painting your home's interior or exterior, choosing your colors has to be one of the most important and possibly the hardest decisions you will make. With so many colors to choose from and you are trying to imagine a color and you will likely find it challenging to visualize how the color will end up looking and how it will effect the mood and feel of the exterior or interior of your home.

You may ask... "How do I choose my paint colors?"

The answer is simple, yet complex, without a lot of experience in going through the process of choosing colors for many years and seeing the before and after process time and time again. Therefore, when it comes to choosing your colors, we are happy to assist you in discovering that perfect color.

  • To start, we discover the colors you are attracted to. 
  • Then we discover the perfect shade and hue of the colors that will blend and harmonize with eacother and your environmental surroundings.
  • On the exterior of your home colors now bring your plants and landscaping alive. Where your roof, concrete, lights, neighbors home's all blend and harmonize together while at the same time they bring about a rich and elegant look to your home's exterior. 
  • On your Interior all your home can flow together, blending and harmonizing your interior home's funiture, wall hangings and art, plus miscellaneous decorations all alive and where they blend and harmonize the room and with each other. Providing that rich and elegant look for your home.
  • How do I receive a free color consultation?
  • Once we schedule your job then we can schedule a complimentary color consultaion. Typically we finalize color choices just before or upon starting your job durring the preparation phase.

Your home can look and feel brand-new with fresh paint and new colors! Call us at 541-607-5000 to schedule an estimate.