Annual Maintenance & Pressure Washing in Eugene

Exterior Home Maintenance

Each year as the seasons change, our homes are constantly fighting the seasonal elements.  As the dirt and mildew buildes up on the shady sides, the sun bakes the other sides. By maintaining your home, you will add prolonged life to your previous paint job. 

Maintenace means keeping your home clean by pressure wash rinsing it in the spring or fall times. Maintenance may require caulking and painting the areas as they show earlier signs of failure than the rest of your home. 

Early failure leads to dry rot issues where moisture getts into seams. Early failure can also lead to the need to paint sooner than you would have had you kept your home clean and the hot sunny sides maintenance coated as needed.


Furthermore, our concrete driveways & pathways are continually prone to mildew and dirt build up, making them slip hazards not to mention an eye sore. Plus, our gutters easily fill up with leaves and mud, making our downspouts useless after a while.


Pressure Washing – Painting in Eugene, OR


All these problems that arise with the changes of the season are the key factors that cause  homes to fail earlier than necessary and just plain look like they're in sad shape. When all it may take is a little maintenance work to spruce your home up again.

At Custom Brush Company, we offer a custom tailored services to keep your home looking beautiful and in great shape.

The many benefits of having Custom Brush Company maintain the beauty of your home:

  • Premature home failures are kept to the natural aging process.
  • Mildew, moss, and dirt build up on your roof, driveways, and walkways are kept to very minimal keeping them clean, and free of slip hazards.
  • Dirt and leaves are kept out of your gutters that eventually make your downspouts useless.
  • Your home is kept up looking in great shape and lasting for as long as possible.
  • Future paint jobs happen less frequently, also keeping your siding, windows, and doors to need replacing.
  • The concrete around your home lasts many years in great looking shape.

You can maintain the beauty of your home! Call us at 541-607-5000 for more information.